Monday, 2 May 2011



I haven't blogged on here for a while for a number of reasons:

1) Making some changes
2) I have fallen in love with Tumblr
3) I don't post any old random shizzle on here

Making some changes:

The name, no more & Co... the other stuff we do has it's own identity now so that's it, KENEMA.Full.Stop. (this means I need a new facebook group as you can't change names when you have over a certain number of 'likes' garrrrr, the pain!)

Kenema was 1 on 25th April!  A whole year!  I am very proud of what has been achieved, moreover I am very proud of all that I have learnt over this year.  Rather than carry on in the same vein and produce a range for Summer 2011 I have decided to focus my efforts and apply the information I have and continue to accumulate.  Firstly I am going to produce my collections in line with the fashion calendar so from August I will start to exhibit the collection for SS12.

Each collection will have a theme giving the collection some cohesion and each piece will tell a story.

Price, maths was never my strong point...but what I have realised is that we cannot operate at our previous price point (also a number of customer's informed me that they felt the prices did not reflect the quality, skill and time that goes into each piece).  I undervalued what Kenema does... Real people manufacture our clothes for a fair price, Real people do our embroidery for a fair price, A real man creates my batik designs by hand using traditional techniques for a fair price.  I hand select material, fastenings etc. I have ideas that I carefully research then AlizĂ© and I take time to turn these ideas and this research into reality.  So price will remain high street but at the higher end.

We are getting a website so this blog will be no more *wipes tears*

A small mens wear line will be added - this is due to requests by a large number of men.  We will start small and grow, there is a lot to be said for a slow simmer...

There is more but you have to wait for that, you can't know it all but once it is all in place we are going to party like it's 1999!

My love affair with Tumblr:

Needs no words, check out my words, rambles and random musing @ KENEMA on Tumblr

I don't post random shizzle on here:

I do that on Tumblr!  So come and tumble with me!

You can also find me on twitter @KenemaGirl

The moral of the story is that Kenema is growing up, what was before was a wonderful learning curve and intro to African inspired fashion Kenema style.  Playtime is over.  Thank you for your support I sincerely hope that it continues.

See you on the other side

Tamu xx