Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Some Chic Afriq footage...

Here is a little footage from Chic Afriq on Sunday 22nd August.  It was a great event organised by Kwabena of Kayobi clothing (www.kayobiclothing.com my favourite African streetwear brand!!) can't wait for my GOLD "FUFU NOT WAR" T-SHIRT!!  Will give you some more information about the event another day.  Thank you to I AM THE NU BLACK for the interview!!  Check their website: http://www.societyhae.com

(Yes I talk a lot...)

Chic Afriq Summer Sale from G Smith on Vimeo.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

It's another KeneSale...CHIC AFRIQ 22nd August...

Come and join us on 22nd July, we'll be selling alongside some fabulous AfroCentric brands.  It will be your last opportunity for a face to face Kenema purchase until our next event in a few months time...see you there.

Kenema Loves...Redlight ft Ms Dynamite

You should know by now that we at Kenema LOVE all things Redlight.  Here is his latest offering with Ms Dynamite, 'What you talking about'...enjoy

Precious gems and metal from Sierra Leone...

I went to the Natural History Museum and saw this beauty from Sierra Leone.  The Star of Sierra Leone diamond was found in Kono (next to Kenema) the main diamond mining area of Sierra Leone its reported to have the largest concentration of diamond mines in the world, yet the country is one of the worlds poorest.

The 968.9-carat Star of Sierra Leone diamond was discovered on February 14, 1972 in the Diminco alluvial mines in the Koidu area of Sierra Leone. It ranks as the third-largest gem-quality diamond and the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered (taken from Wikipedia)

I also found some Platinum from Sierra Leone, someone please tell my why Africa is in such an economic mess with such an abundance of natural resources including precious stones and metal?  Yes I know the answer and will not go too deep but I will cover this topic during another blog entry!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Terri Walker rocks Kenema and wows the crowd

The ├╝ber talented Ms Terri Walker performing at Aesthetic sounds alongside Yahzarah  and Sarah Fonteyne.   Love your outfit Terri!

Friday, 6 August 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jules (www.askyourgirl.com) for inviting Kenema & Co to co-organise OFF THE RADAR.  The experience has been a fantastic learning opportunity for us and a brilliant promotional opportunity for the brand.  We thoroughly enjoyed the process and have decided that it is something we will do more of in the future.  The best feature of this whole process is that it enabled us to raise money for the charitable arm of our business.  Due to the support of the artists, brands, bloggers and shoppers we have been successful in raising enough money to sponsor two girls through one academic year of school in Sierra Leone.  We also have enough money to purchase their school uniform and some stationary.  We will continue to raise funds so that these two girls are able to complete Secondary School.

We are very grateful to the artists that performed at the event.  They were the cherry on top and transformed the shopping event into a mini festival.


TerriWalker, Roses Gabor, JPESQ, Mikill Pane, H-Boogie, Charleene Rena, Cleo Sol, CrookStreet, Scorcher, GFrsh, Obenewa, Sararh Farrell, King, ShadezTheMisfit, 2000FastWomen, Fuzzy Logic, Insomniax, Incisive, Seraiyah and Sincere...

The performances were BIG and really complimented the event!

We really appreciate the support we received and thank anyone that made a KenePurchase.  Please email a picture of you rocking your KeneWear (ok I'll stop the Kenema-ism's now) to info@kenemaco.com.  At the start of the event I was really worried, I won't lie...I did not see anyone at our stand, fast forward two hours and there was a queue!  My highlight was walking into the event and seeing someone that had no affiliation to Kenema & Co walking out rocking her skirt as she could not wait to wear her purchase!

We were proud to sell alongside brands such as TrapStar, BenJart, Play Dot, AskYourGirl, Crepe City, Wholesome, Jezebel, Fly Wear, Kayobi Clothing, Pins the list goes on.  It was deep, it was beautiful, it was positivity and young creative minds all under one roof.

Keep checking the blog for updates on what your money has enabled us to do.

Until next time...Peace and Unity x

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A little bit of Off the Radar...

The KeneLadies and the Gorgeous Terri Walker

Mikill Pane  and G Frsh 
blessed the event

More KeneLadies and H-Boogie <--- great performance!

Kenema loves this Roses Gabor track produced by Redlight, they make such good music really representing the UK not a US impostor.  Love it!  For all things Roses Gabor check her @ http://rosesgabor.blogspot.com...BIG