Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010 it has been great!

What a fantastic year this has been. I actually got up and was 'about it' rather than talk about it. I am very proud that after all of my talk I actually did something. The start of Kenema & Co was a bit random, which is no surprise as random is me! I can honestly say that any moment of doubt has been momentary. I am a feelings person and tend to go with my feelings about stuff, and Kenema felt right from the very start. I could get really overly emotional but I haven't got time!! This is a blogpost giving an over view of the Kenema journey thus far...

So Alizé and met in January and it felt right...she agreed to join this adventure without really knowing where it was going and to be honest neither did I...Any way we met in January planned and plotted and left for sunny Sierra Leone in April 2010.

We arrived in Lungi airport Sierra Leone to be greeted by a black out on the baggage reclaim! It was hilarious we thought it was a scam to steal our luggage!

We walked up and down the main market for fabric in Freetown under the HOT HOT sunshine it was like 1000 degrees. We were in and our of shops and checking out all the market stalls to select fabric to bring our designs to life...

We worked everyday apart from the weekend when we went to the beach and partied...

We made cute summer pieces for the ladies:

We had a launch party at No.5 Cavendish Sq! (Thanks for sorting that Alizé)...

We started a charity and provided two school scholarships:

We organised a cool event with Sonia Meggie

And we launched our new collection:


In 2011 we will continue to create, support, motivate and inspire!

Thank you to everyone that has helped along the way.  Your support has been phenomenal and we count on it in 2011!



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