Tuesday, 1 January 2013

EVENT - MAP - Sierra Leone: New Year, Big Business

At some point in 2011 (I think) I met Lyande Kaikai, she is a wonderfully inspiring young woman who is as passionate about Sierra Leone and pan African development as I am.  She has set up a company called My African Passport (MAP).  The company is like a one stop shop for business across Africa.  Lyande is a Salone titi (Sierra Leonean woman) so of course her first destination is SL.

The first MAP event of 2013 is on 10th January and I am guest speaking!  Come down find out about business in Sierra Leone, there is more to the country than Diamonds and Iron.  I think the beaches in Sierra Leone are just as valuable as an diamond or gold.  The artisans in Sierra Leone are skilled and ready, this is an opporunity to see what SL has to offer... or come and listen to me!

There will also be presentations from some very interesting and knowledgable people.

THERE ARE ONLY 4 TICKETS LEFT!  Book yours here.

Wishing you a Happy 2013!

xx @KenemaGirl


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