Saturday, 24 April 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!!! (well nearly!!)

Hey people, we are bursting with excitement. Even nature can't hold us back!

At the beginning of the week the Kenema team were anxiously awaiting news on this volcanic ash situation. Although we firmly believed that nothing could hold us back there was a slight sense of OH MY LIFE WE ARE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!! Seriously, we always knew that we would be ok but all the drama got us slightly concerned...

Kenema's journey thus far has been so organic, everything has seemed to fall into place which gives us great hope about our future and the future of those we work with and support into independence. Whilst we are aware that there will be challenges ahead we know that this was meant to be. We have faith in our unit (which works beautifully), our products and our ethos. These factors are hugely motivational for us.

Anyway the moral of this post is that we are flying out to beautiful Sierra Leone on Sunday to begin our adventure. I am hoping we can make enough stock in the short time we have, as we already have pre-orders based on descriptions alone! If you want a maxi dress, full length jumpsuit, playsuit or tulip skirt you better holla as soon as we post the pictures as we have a number of orders for these items (don't worry we have other items too), this is no propaganda or marketing spin we seriously have pre-orders! If you snooze you loose.

The Kenema Team.


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