Wednesday, 7 April 2010

About Kenema & Co's designer

When Alizé was a little girl, she would trace design after design in her scrapbook etching every last detail with her felt tips. Dreaming of a life far removed from her own Alizé became infatuated with fiction, writing stories and poems to express how she really felt. Make believe was the escape she had created and consequently carried through into her artistic career.

Alizé Demange is the Designer/ Creative Director of Kenema & Co. Her influences derive mainly from her family home and cultural background. Her grandmother pushed her interest in clothes allowing her to trawl through endless amounts of vintage furs, shoes and trunks filled with dresses and accessories. It was while playing dress up that she realised how important clothes were in society, “Nowadays you don’t have to say anything to let people know who you are. What we wear has become the biggest statement, making fashion more important and exciting than ever before”.

Growing up in West London, at 14 years old she started customizing jumpers for friends at school, looking up to the urban clothing lines that had started around her. Vowing to enroll into art school running away from ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’, fashion became an outlet for her overgrown imagination. “I love fashion because of the satisfaction I feel when I watch someone wear what I’ve created. In a sense they are wearing my message, concept, statement and become like a patron of my ideas”.

Aiming for a long career in fashion design Alizé can only go skyward … watch this space!

Creative Director


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