Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kenema & Co's Business Mananger - Wanita Bardouille...

My love affair with fashion started whilst watching my sisters getting ready to go out.  The music... the make-up.... the constant outfit changes, the shoes lined up on the floor with me sitting on my sister’s bed amazed by it all, then waving goodbye to them as they left for their nights out leaving me tucked up in bed thinking about how beautiful they looked.
The love of numbers has always been with me but has grown into a passion over the last couple of years.  I realised that you can look at numbers/ figures/ results as artistically as you can look at fashion.  The two combined, creates the drama I love about the fashion industry (which I have over ten years experience in). I continue to learn and develop my talents in this field with each passing year.
To be part of Kenema & Co has been an upward and astonishing journey, from initial idea to the final product it has been a learning curve that I will forever be proud of.
I am part of a team that turns dreams into action and enhances the lives of others, whilst looking and feeling fabulous. 
My introduction is short and sweet.  Kenema & Co is going to be a long lasting and successful brand so you will have a lot more time to learn about me/us and Kenema & Co.
Be part of the journey.…wear Kenema & Co.
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