Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kenemaisms - COMPETITION!!

So I am so engrossed in all things Kenema I have come up with some Kenemaisms I create a Kenema dictionary!  Anyway here are my Kenemaisms thus far...if you can add a Keneriffic (do you see what I did there! :0) ) new Kenemaism you will win an exclusive custom T by our Kenetastic designer Aliz√© Demange.

KeneHottie - hot girl in Kenema
KeneMagic - making magic while wearing
KenemaKeneRosity - the charitable stuff Kenema will be doing
KeneRiginal - Originality a la Kenema
KeneMummy - Mum's hot enough to rock Kenema
KeneMan - Only real men rock Kenema -mens wear soon come!
KeneCutie - Cute children rocking Kenema

Kenema radiates positivity so leave out the negative and the obscene!  

final not if you cannot post your Kenemaism on her please visit our facebook group:

Peace x


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