Sunday, 10 October 2010

The "Zia" collection coming soon

Hey all just dropping you a line to let you know that on Friday 15th October all planes lead to Sierra Leone for the creation of Kenema & Co's second collection, The "Zia" collection.  Zia is a person who is very close to the heart of Kenema & Co and has been a huge inspiration/ motivation for the brand.  Zia means splendour and light.  With this collection we hope to bring some splendid light to a dull winter wardrobe.

We also aim to challenge the perception that African fabrics are for the warmer months/ climates.  Within this collection there will be party pieces, street wear AND some pieces for men (you asked so we are supplying it) and some pieces for the little people!  Stay tuned for preview pics and information!

In addition to this the money we have raised to sponsor two girls thorough a year of secondary school will be delivered!  I think I am as excited about this as I am the new collection.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the blog. I can't wait until the next colection launches and if its anything like the SS10 its going to be brill.

Africa Batik

Kenema & Co said...

Thank you. The collection is here! Photo shoot in two weeks and I cannot wait to reveal all! I am very proud and think that this collection demonstrates development and growth! Cool blog by the way!

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